Crowd funding 22 healthier kids for each case of depression prevented. This project gives more kids activities that improve coping skills.

AWI has an immediate opportunity to give many more kids access to existing resources to learn coping skills.  We need $22,000 to make it happen. Specifically:

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  • Free web access already exists to the virtual Wellness Center within Whyville (, comprised of social media and apps that build coping skills.  The first $8,000 raised for the ’22’ project will fund  training webcasts that have been requested by the staff of the Home for Little Wanderers (  This remarkable organization works with 7,000 children each year.
  • Our award winning iGROW peer mentor program is currently active in two communities.  AWI has been asked to reformat activities for the needs of a national mentoring organization, Students Against Destructive Decisions (  The next $7,000 will fund delivery of content for a wellness toolkit in their unique format, available to their teen mentors across the country.
  • Break Free From Depression is the Boston Children’s Hospital ( curriculum listed in the national Best Practices Registry.  The final $7,000 will be used to bring Train-the-Trainer workshops  into two new communities outside of Massachusetts (note-an average number of kids in a high school grade is 200).