Parent Resources

Keeping children healthy

Head off depression and anxiety through activities to develop coping and problem solving skills. Here are interesting resources to keep healthy children healthy.

See screens from activities log within virtual Wellness Center for grades 4 and older

How Psychology Is Adapting To The World Of Tech

Boston Globe article – Mass schools focus on well being

Resource list for all ages, newborn through high school, presented to MSSAA Assistant Principals Committee

NBO Newborn Behavioral Observations¬† of infants and Mom’s to offer coaching

Study of Influences of Parent Depression on Child

Partnering with your pediatrician

Challenging negative self talk with six questions

Relaxation imagery for children

Cognitive behaviorism exercises by 22 healthy kids prevents 1 from developing depression

Awareness and language through art

Recommended books

Making Healthy Financial Choices / Teen Financial Literacy

When a child may be showing symptoms of depression’

As a first step, contact your child’s pediatrician for a referral to a pediatric therapist whom is supportive of family-oriented treatment. Many pediatricians have strong competence in areas of emotional health. Most importantly, treatment is most effective and easiest with early intervention.