If you would like information on becoming a member of Interact, email BobAnthony@AdolescentWellness.org or follow this link to register, AWI Teen Leadership and Depression Prevention.  Interact self-introductions for 13 small group sessions

Depression Prevention

Coping in healthy ways with life’s worries can prevent stress from worsening into symptoms of anxiety or depression.  Here are activities you can exercise to problem solve life’s challenges:

  1. For teens, view or download chapter four of the Boston Children’s Hospital manual, Break Free From Depression  (Supplemental Activities for Building Coping Skills).
  2. For pre-teens, check out the virtual Wellness Center within Whyville.net.

Depression Awareness

This handout offers tips on how to help a friend – Helping Your Friends Through Tough Times – Dos and Don’ts

If you notice symptoms in yourself, call your pediatrician.  If your family is not finding the help  you want, the Interface assisted referral service listens to your parent and helps connect you with the right provider. Their telephone number is (617) 332-3666 x 1411. Their web pages also provide additional information and resources (interface.williamjames.edu).

Tutorials for the virtual Wellness Center

A library of five tutorials has been created by Dr. Nadja  Reilly.  The entire set totals 45 minutes viewing time. The content of each tutorial and its running time is provided below.

Before viewing, 1st set your device to the desired volume level and 2nd expand into full screen mode by clicking on the lower right  icon in the tutorial image. 

 Tutorial #1 – Introduction to the virtual Wellness Center

In this tutorial, you will learn about the development of the wellness project, including its use as part of a mental health and wellness promotion strategy. (12 minutes)

 Tutorial #2 – How to sign on to www.whyville.net

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up a user account to participate in Whyville.  You will also learn how to navigate the site to access the Wellness Center and related content. (6 minutes)

 Tutorial #3 – Tour of Wellness Center and activities

In this tutorial, you will take a virtual tour of the Wellness Center.  You will learn how to access the resource materials, how to access the chat forums, and how to play the different activities housed within the center. (20 minutes)

 Tutorial #4 – How to use the social anxiety activity

In this tutorial, you will learn how to access and play the social anxiety activity. (4 minutes)

 Tutorial #5 – Collaboration

In this tutorial, you will learn how to establish a collaboration with the Freedman Center  for Child and Family Development around your use of the virtual Wellness Center. (4 minutes)

You may access the activities 24/7 without charge (Wellness.Whyville.net).


Want to help Adolescent Wellness, Inc.?

Getting through adolescence without symptoms greatly increases the likelihood of a lifetime free of anxiety or depression. If you would like to volunteer or send suggestions and questions, please email AWI president Bob Anthony (BobAnthony@AdolescentWellness.org).