About AWI

Adolescent Wellness, Inc. (AWI) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in 2006 to simplify prevention of anxiety and depression along with their most tragic symptom of suicide. All ages (birth<=>geriatric) are on a wellness continuum continuum where protective factors including  problem-solving,  coping and help-seeking can be improved. AWI pilots and promotes resources that enhance protective factors:

  • better referral models
  • curricula
  • apps for wellness games
  • training for parents, pediatricians, school faculty and staff
  • community workshops to help remove  barriers to communication and support

Programs and resources facilitated by AWI

About the logo: Pacific northwest coast totem poles include the halibut to symbolize Life Protector, Strength and Stability.

  1. INTERACT Peer Mentoring & Depression Prevention through Rotary clubs with communities in the USA, Puerto Rico, India and Nigeria
  2. Break Free From Depression (curriculum, Boston Children’s Hospital)
  3. Virtual Wellness Center game site with self tutorials (Numedon: Wellness.Whyville.net)
  4. PIP Problems-Ideas-Plans (creative problem solving, Boston Children’s Hospital)
  5. Train the Trainer educator workshops (McLean Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital and the MA Department of Health)
  6. School Nurse Liaison Project providing immediate consultation plus training and referral access by the  Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Program (McLean Hospital)
  7. How Not To Keep A Secret (peer mentoring, South Shore Hospital)
  8. Preventing Depression: A Toolkit For Schools (Boston Children’s Hospital)
  9. Call For Art (on mood and awareness, Metrowest Hospital, Roxbury Latin School, City of Somerville, Boston Children’s Hospital, McLean Hospital and Newton Wellesley Hospital)
  10. Choices, Changes & Chocolate’ (workshops to remove barriers to communication and support with Boston Children’s Hospital, William James College, and the Rotary Club of Wellesley)
  11. Clergy Workshops (Boston Children’s Hospital)
  12. An Adolescent Mental Health & Wellness Curriculum: A Starter Kit For Schools (McLean Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital)

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