Our Mission

The mission of Adolescent Wellness is affordable access for treatment and prevention measured by ending the wait between diagnosis and first treatment throughout the country and around the world.

From Our Founder

Adolescent Wellness exists because I had personal experience with one of the more common mood disorders, depression.

"I was diagnosed late in life, at age 50. Although I came through the treatment experience pretty well, I still felt truly frustrated that it took 50 years to become aware of the symptoms and learn that they can be treated.

One of the learnings from that experience was that this tends to be a disease of childhood, with the symptoms beginning early for most people. The earlier treatment can occur, the easier the cure can be to implement.

Today, my passion is to my own kids, and every kid, to not have this same experience of discovering decades later that things might have been easier. So that’s the goal of Adolescent Wellness to ensure early diagnosis and prompt, effective treatment."

- Bob Anthony

Partnering Organizations

We are very greatful and feel honoured to our all partners for being with us

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