Guided Self-Management Toolkit

The Guided Self-Management Toolkit for Families empowers the parent to partner in managing behavioral health problems. In turn, the parent can elect to share compliance and progress so everyone is ‘on the same page’, from doctor, patient, and parent to optionally include psychologist / therapist, school nurse, and school counselor.

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Wellness In A Box Program

Wellness In A Box is a train-the-trainer resource for ages 12 and older, providing a framework for referral and increasing providers. The program focuses on depression awareness, suicide prevention, resilience building and stigma reduction. Teens co-facilitate the curriculum with adults after training through the Boston Children’s Hospital on-demand resource called Break Free From Depression.

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Whyville Wellness Center

All children can now access a fun online resource to enhance problem solving and coping skills. This novel way of introducing healthy thinking techniques was designed by the Freedman Center  for Child and Family Development at William James  College in partnership with Numedeon, founders of the Whyville collaborative play site. Whyville specializes in games, activities, tip sheets, and themed chats for children ages 9-14.

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Educator Resources

Training and Access Project

Boston Children’s Hospital, in partnership with the online training service Open Pediatrics, has developed several on-demand training resources that address prevention and earlier treatment.

Anxiety and Depression in the Classroom

Anxiety and Depression in the Classroom: A Teacher’s Guide to Fostering Self-Regulation in Young Students by Nadja Reilly, PhD. provides both the big picture on school climate and activities by age and protective factor.

Break Free From Depression

Break Free From Depression is a training and curriculum from Boston Children’s Hospital that can be completed online, free of charge. With a focus on depression awareness and prevention, the course is listed in the national Best Practices Registry.

Youth Clergy Resources

iGROW (Interfaith Gathering ‘Round Our Wellness)

The Surgeon General identifies coping skills, problem solving abilities, reasons for living, and moral objections to suicide as protective factors for individuals. This free iGROW manual addresses these themes and suggests activities to explore them.


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